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New Equipment: Tipping Trailers

Tipping Trailers

Tipper Semi Trailers

Kässbohrer tipper semi-trailer, K.SKS, with its high-strength chassis and upper structure stands for reliability and robustness under the hardest load and road conditions.

The robust chassis thanks to cataphoretic dip coating (KTL) process offers durability and persistence throughout the economic life of the vehicle. With king pin capacity equal to 11.500 kg and unique upper structure design, K.SKS offers the maximum traction performance on the road and ideal load distribution for road safety.

The V-shaped floor forms an easy flowing surface for load discharge by increasing the acceleration of the load. 5-step cylinder with a lifting capacity of 250 bar enables operationally efficient loading and unloading.

Engineered to couple with 4 x 2, 6 x 2, 6 x 4 trucks, K.SKS is equipped with one-touch paving brake system, that is developed for stable unloading operations and with tilt alert system that alerts the drivers on inclined lands, providing operational safety.

K.SKS BS / 24 - 12 / 27 Tipper Specifications

Tipper Specs

Technical Data

Fifth Wheel Height (H5): 1.220 mm
Wheel Base (WB): 4.900 mm
External Length (L): 9.000 mm
Total Width (W): 2.550 mm
Tare Weight ±%3: 6.450 kg
Volume: 24,0 m3

Technical Information

Chassis Made of high quality and high strength S700 MC steel, in compliance with Standard ISO 1726-1. Made of two welded longitudinal beams in "I" form with cross beams at needed distances. Reinforced with KTL protection with Kässbohrer expertise (10 years warranty for perforation)
Brake System Dual circuit electro-pneumatic Wabco brand EBS 2S/2M brake system with anti- lock (ABS) and tilt control system (RSS) in compliance with Regulation UN ECE R13
Electric System ASPÖCK Europoint III lightning installation with 24V LED side position lamp and 2 x 7 and 1 x 15 pin sockets, in compliance with Regulation UN ECE R48 and ADR Legislation
Axles BPW air suspension and drum brake axle with 3 x 9 ton capacity
Body The front wall, door and side wall are made of 4 mm HB450 and the floor is made of 5 mm HB450 high strength and wear- and impac
Hydraulics 5-step HYVA cylinder with a lifting capacity of 250 bar

Technical Capacities

Axle Load 27.000 kg
King Pin Capacity 12.000 kg
Gross Weight 39.000 kg